Well if you were wondering where you would spend your Christmas holiday, these are some of the places I suggest you visit.

  1. MALDIVE ISLAND( Republic of Maldives).

Locate in South East Asia, Maldives Island offers one of the most beautiful ocean sceneries. Being an island it houses the best marine experience with beautiful waters. It also has the best kinds of seafood and the island also is securely located and there have not been any serious security concerns reported. The nature and the ambience of the island is one of a lifetime. The cost of living here though is pocket-friendly and the people living there are friendly.


Heaven’s gate located in china near the great Chinese Mountains. It located on the ‘dragon mountain’. The mountain as its name suggests has a road that passes through the mountain like a dragon meandering through the mountain. Being spectacular for having ninety-nine turns to reach the basement leading to the heaven’s gate. Heaven’s gate is amazing for its architectural art. It consists of nine hundred and ninety-nine steps to reach Heaven’s gate. This place is amazing as it represents one of the best Chinese sceneries and is widely visited yearly than any other place in China. The steps are horizontally constructed with a forty-five-degree incline which makes you see the skies when climbing to the great gate. If you think you can climb the nine hundred and ninety-nine steps then say no more pick up your vacation costume and visit this amazing place.


Mombasa an island located in the Indian Ocean in Kenya. Ever thought of taking a vacation to Africa then you need to visit this amazing place. This island provides some of the beautiful beaches in the world. The coast also provides for amazing marine life experience and the warm temperatures of the ocean. It also harbours amazing historical sites such as the Gedi ruins, Fort Jesus and the Vaco Da Gama pillar. Mombasa also presents some of the great African foods and not to mention life at the place is very economical and friendly. the place is considered secure with no major security concerns.

4.Barcelona (Spain).

located in Spain in the town of Barcelona, it is a nice place for a Christmas vacation. known for housing amazing arts and architecture in the Catalonia region. It is also home for the famous football club Barcelona. there is also amazing shopping areas, fiestas, tourism and parks. It is indeed an amazing place to visit for a Christmas vacation.

5.New Orleans (USA).

what comes into your mind when you think of this place. well, you might be thinking of the creepy vampire's featured in the supernatural teen drama television series of vampire diaries. that might not be the case here and we leave aside the fictional television series depicting this place otherwise. New Orleans is a key attraction especially the festive streetcars and the vibrant music it hosts. it is also a nice place for partying, fun, events and also the dynamic culture found in this place.

Well, you should be tying your shoelaces in preparation to visiting some of these places listed.

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