In this amazing blog, I cover the aspects that beginner developers need to know about development.

  1. Have Passion.

web development just like any other career out there needs passion as a stepping stone to help one move forward. Enthusiasm will bring in the desire towards achieving great as a web developer.

2. Imitate from the best.

It is often said that the best learners always learn from others. Beginning a web development career may a hard task at the beginning. I would recommend beginners to be open-minded and learn from other top-notch developers. With the now known “YouTube University” as I call it there are a bunch of developers who are sharing content frequently for others to learn. I would suggest you follow Brad Traversy or Florin Pop for amazing tutorials to get you going and help you acquire essential skills.

3. The idea of “I can”.

As a beginner, this should be part of your mindset. Perfection comes with constant practise and frequent launching of the code editor. Once you put the idea “I CAN” every other thing will look easier and comfortable to work with.

4. Learn one thing at a time.

Web development has a wide scope and beginner may be baffled on where to start. I would recommend starting to learn Front-end then proceed to back end. With prior knowledge of the basics of web development, you can proceed to learn the different web frameworks and libraries (Angular, Vue, React, Node, Ember).

5. Patience.

As a beginner you will tend to feel worried about your progress, well you should always know that even the best had to put some time to where they now are. Be proud of your progress and keep learning.

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