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Hi Buddy,

I hope you are holding on great and having a good time. For the upcoming weeks, I want us to go…

Writing articles has seen me through to various job opportunities

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During the start of the year, I was endlessly applying to job opportunities that came my way. Some applications got me invited to job interviews with only a few commencing into the onboarding stages. I felt frustrated and almost lost motivation.

I knew I was doing my best but then…

I’ll be joining the incredible team at Capsule Social to help build the future of decentralized social media platform

Image from Capsule Social

Hi a little introduction about myself.

I am John Philip, a software developer and technical writer. I have been working on freelance and contract roles for some time now and it is a big privilege that I will be joining Capsule Social full time.

Check out the initial tweet from…

Level up your Vue.js skills by building these projects

Image by John Philip

Building projects is one of the best ways to master the ins and out of a given tool. Mastering Vue.js is no different. While Vue.js has a fairly simple learning curve, it will require time to master the foundation and working of this amazing frontend framework.

Going beyond the basics…

My genuine experience on ways of making money through technical writing as a Developer

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

As a developer, there are various ways in which you can make money. More to your chances is you have the skillset and technical know-how to write. If you have experience writing blog posts, articles, and user guides, you can take a leap and try technical writing.

Technical writing involves…

Resources to help you learn the advanced concepts of Vue.js and move beyond the basics

Image by TheTribe

Vue.js is an amazing framework with a lot of powerful functionalities which it offers outside the box. Vue.js also has a beginner-friendly learning curve. While very beginner-friendly, mastering some of its core concepts and features can be daunting and require consistent learning.

This article will see some of the best…

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