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Learn all the HTTP Status Codes

Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) status codes refer to the response provided by the server regarding the request.

HTTP status codes are always in a 3-digit integer. The first digit of the status-code defines the class of the response while the last two digits don’t hold any categorization rule.

S.N. Description

1XX: Request has been successfully received and is awaiting processing

2XX: Request were successfully received, understood and accepted

3XX: Request is awaiting further action to complete the request

4XX: Request contains incorrect syntax and cannot be processed by the server

5XX: The server failed to process a valid request.

In this article…

What JAMstack is and why it is so popular

JAMstack in simple terms is an acronym that stands for JavaScript APIs Markup and Stack.

Stack in this case denotes the technologies used to build a certain technology.
According to, it denotes that “JAMstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It builds on many of the tools and workflows which developers love and which bring maximum productivity.”

I guess you have once in a while heard about it and wondered what JAMstack is. In this article, we are going to discuss JAMstack and related topics around it including its importance.


Facing job rejections the better way as a developer

One of the most barely talked about topics is how to handle and face job rejections as a developer.

Once in a while job, rejections will come your way. Even the most skilled programmers once in a while had to face the fear of handling job rejections.
One time you were punching the keyboard with the best description of yourself you could ever provide to the dream company you have always yearned working with. Only for a two days later email reminder that you have not made it to the next round of the interview.

Everything seems perfect until this…

Better the performance of Vue.js applications by lazy loading of components.

Optimizing performance in Vue.js application is a very important factor to consider. An application with a higher performance score will ensure that users get the best of user experience.

It will also ensure the efficiency of the application itself.

What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading ensures that the components attached with the lazy load syntax are not loaded until they become visible.

Lazy loading as the name suggests is one of the best ways to improve performance of Vue.js application.

It is considered a good practice to lazy load components with:

  • Toggled content
  • Side panels
  • Tabs
  • Components which aren’t available or visible on initial…

A guide for those getting started with Nuxtjs and its architecture

Nuxtjs is an open sourced framework that is built entirely on top of VueJS.

“Nuxt The Intuitive Vue Framework Build your next Vue.js application with confidence using NuxtJS. An open source framework making web development simple and powerful.”

Nuxtjs comes bundled with some amazing technologies such as the choice to use between server side rendered application and single page applications.

Creating a Nuxt application

To create a fresh Nuxt application. Open your developer terminal and use the command below depending on your preferred package manager.


npm init nuxt-app getting-started-with-nuxt

The command will create a Nuxt application with the title getting-started-with-nuxt. …

Leverage these repositories to ace your next technical and coding interviews

Getting past the technical and coding interview is not always an easy task for most people.

Lucky for you, there are some amazing resources to help you go through easily and grab that position.

In this article, we will go through some of the best GitHub repositories to help you smash the coding interview.

These collections of repositories are essential in highlighting the different arears to focus on and different topics and questions to expect.

Front-end Developer Interview Questions

This repository is everything that entails frontend development.
Covered content includes:

  • General Questions
  • HTML Questions
  • CSS Questions
  • JS Questions
  • Accessibility Questions…

Adopt these five habits to grow as a software developer

Adopting good habits can be a game-changer to any software developer. It can help elevate your productivity whilst also improving your skillset.

Software development entails a lot and when good habits are not adopted, the journey can be difficult and frustrating.

Some of the most popular things that software developers struggle with are managing time, scaling productivity, improving skills and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the good habits that every software developer should adopt and incorporate into their lives.
These habits when incorporated can be a game-changer to any developer.



Improve your frontend development by building these 5 projects

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best frontend projects that will enable you to master frontend development.

Many developers believe that the only way to get better at development is by building projects.

We will look at the relative skills that will be learnt from building each of these projects.

1. Search Application (Image, Joke, Movie)

This kind of project can be an application leveraging an Application programming interface (API) and displaying information to the user.

This kind of project will also enable the user to key in data and return data related to what the client searched for.


Automatically load routes in Vue 3

In this article, we will learn how to automatically load routes in Vue 3.

We are going to set up a Vue 3 application from scratch and see how we can automatically load routes from a specific folder.


  • Have Node.js installed
  • @vue/cli

Create a Vue 3 application

We will need to create a new Vue project with Vue-CLI, so open your terminal and run the following commands


npm i -g @vue/cli


yarn global add @vue/cli

To create a Vue 3 application on the defaults choose default Vue 3 preview.

The vue cli will prompt some question where…

Step by step guide to publishing your package to NPM

This article is a guide on how to publish your favourite package to npm.
Publishing an open-source project to npm allows other developers to use your works.

This is one step to contributing to open-source. Many of the open-source projects we use most of them are published NPM packages from (React, Vue and Angular).

Your project can also get appreciation from other fellow developers who will find your project helpful. On top of all these, other fellow developers will also be interested in contributing to your amazing project.

Does that feel cool to you? well, follow along this article to…

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