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  • Szymon Adamiak

    Szymon Adamiak

    I build stuff and help frontend developers to kickstart careers. Follow me πŸ‘‰ twitter.com/s_adamiak Get my book πŸ‘‰ https://gumroad.com/l/aqWog

  • Tarantool


    In-memory computing platform

  • Florin Pop

    Florin Pop

    Dev Building In Public πŸ’œ β€” YouTuber youtube.com/florinpop β€” Streamer twitch.tv/florinpop17 β€” eBook gum.co/makemoneydev πŸ“• β€” Journey $1M in 1000 Days πŸ‘‡

  • Maya Shavin

    Maya Shavin

    Senior Front-End Developer @Cloudinary www.mayashavin.com

  • Matteo Bruni

    Matteo Bruni

  • TDS Editors

    TDS Editors

    Building the most vibrant data science community on the web. Share your insights and projects with like-minded readers: bit.ly/write-for-tds

  • Ankur Tyagi

    Ankur Tyagi

    Software Engineer, Mentor, Coach. I love 1–1 speaking to different people. My content centers around Code, Life, Fitness & Devs career growth.

  • Njengaveronicahwambui


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