Setup Hacks for Developers

Considering that developers spend most of their time seated (on their desks) in front of a screen, it is very essential to put into consideration your working desk environment to improve your productivity and provide efficient comfort.

This article outlines the best workstation hacks to help improve productivity in developers and ensure a minimalistic desk setup environment.

Without further ado, here as some of the best accessories and items recommended for developers desk setups.

  1. Monitor. (Ultrawide or Dual Monitors)

A decent monitor with a nice display quality will ensure you have the best and the wide view to enable easy navigation.

I would recommend you to have a wide monitor such as the latest release of the BenQ ultra-wide monitor (Ultimate 35' Curved Ultrawide Monitor _ BenQ EX3501R Review).

This provides a wide viewing angle it also enables 5k with the popular ports.

Wide screens provide multi-tasking, copy and pasting, detailed editing, and making side-by-side comparisons all much easier.

2. Comfortable Chair.

A comfortable chair provides a great back lean and relieves you from extra fatigue of the backbone. Spending too much time in your desk often requires your body to have the best posture, position and support. A nice, decent and comfortable chair will ensure you get the best posture. It also ensures great lumbar support and headrest this will enable you to enjoy a long sitting time without frequent fatigue.

I would recommend AK Racing and Nitro Concept Chairs or the Sedo Chair.

I would also suggest the Staples Tarance Office Chair depending on your taste and what you would generally prefer.

Staples Tarance Office Chair.

3. Standing Desk.

A standing desk will provide the space for mounting the monitors and other peripheral devices together with providing you with the area for grip. There are several options available such as the Ikea Skarsta, Ikea Bekant and others.

You can also come up with your DIY desk setups (Do It Yourself) customizable desks.

Ikea Skarsta

4. Headphones or Speakers.

Sound is considered ideal for a workstation. Though not widely considered “a must-have” in your desk setup. Good and smooth music can help accelerate your learning (Gamma Waves for Focus, Memory, Concentration — Binaural Beats) and to focus your brain.

Also, your favourite music can help get you going while handling some tasks and entertain you a little.

I would recommend the Astro wireless headphones or the Turtle beach pro headphones. These headphones are amazing with built-in noise-cancelling support. They are also comfortable on the ears with soft rubber to hold your ears.

5. Keyboard and Mouse.

Keyboard and mouse are quite essential in a workstation. Wireless keyboard and mouse are perfect accessories as compared to wired ones. Wireless keyboard relieves you the stress of handling the cables which may make your desk jumbled up. This will also ensure that your desk looks clean and neat at all times.

6. Pen and Sticker note.

Sticker note and a pen are a must-have in your workstation. You may want to write down some to-do list or a reminder on something.

At some point in time, you will need to write down some stuff.

You can also install acoustic panels in your room to absorb echoes and standing lamps to add some light to your setup.

Comment down below in case something was left out.

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