Stuxnet still to this days remain one of the internet miseries ever. It is believed to have been crafted by highly skilled and elite programmers and security experts.

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It is believed but not yet approved that the program that led the inception of the Stuxnet was a project by the National Security Agency and the Criminal Investigation Agency(CIA).

With its uniqueness and sophistication, it is believed that it required adequate financial support and expertise of individuals in different field and skillset.

The Stuxnet was a computer worm that was highly designed, sophisticatedly programmed and elite crafted to target the specific Industrial control system. Believed to have been started in the year 2005. It was only discovered later in June the year 2010.

It was first discovered by a security firm in Belarus. It was uniquely crafted not only to attack industrial systems but also to exploit the zero-day vulnerability, modifying of the system libraries and it was capable of auto-updating itself.

Its first discovery was related to the Iranian Nuclear Plant that was in operation since the early 1950s.

The worm was able to infect systems and transfer data about production line from the target systems. Its main purpose was to disrupt control systems and disable operations. It was also capable of concealing itself and inhibiting its detection.

Stuxnet was programmed to infect three computers from a given infected flash drive and was hardcoded to stop spreading itself after June 24, 2012.

Its ultimate target was the computers that controlled the centrifuges. These were termed as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and were special-purpose computers, used for controlling electronic devices or systems, such as industrial systems.

The PLCs were connected to computers that controlled and monitored them. These computers were not connected to the Internet. It was also capable of infecting computers through propagating itself in flash drives.

To this date, no group, organization, country or person has claimed responsibility for the development of this sophisticated worm(Stuxnet).

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