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John Philip
2 min readSep 29, 2021
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Hi, this is part of the Wednesday weekly series on Technical Writing Issue’s.

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Hi Buddy,

I hope you are holding on great and having a good time. For the upcoming weeks, I want us to go through some tips to improve our technical writing game.

In today’s issues, we are going to look at active vs passive voice in technical writing. Much of the chit chat let us now get right into it.

1. Active voice vs passive voice.

When it comes to technical writing, it is a better practice to write in an active voice. Why is it encouraged and why do many people encourage this?

An active voice sentence always takes the structure shown below.

Active voice = subject + verb + object.

Active voice in a sentence would be.

The engineer wrote the program.

Take a look at our sentence structure. We have the subject (the engineer) + the verb (wrote) + the object in which the action acted upon (program).